Pom Pom Update

A few weeks ago I wrote about Pom Poms and got some lovely responses from some of my followers.  My sister was in Portugal at the time and sent me a message to say Pom Poms were everywhere there too.  

My cousin updated a pair of last year’s thongs which inspired me to transform a very old pair of suede sandals with little tassels and small Pom Poms and, as I was on a roll, a suede handbag to match. 


A friend saved time and simply bought a pair from Rubi at Cotton On.

Thank you for being an inspiration to me.



Red Bandana

I really do try to control my little shopaholic tendencies, and I have now convinced myself that buying accessories doesn’t count as shopping.  Works for me!

Today I am loving red bandana’s.  They are a way to update the most basic outfit with almost no effort and little expense.

Red is the must have option at the moment.

long   Leather.jpg

Trench.png  Bag.jpg

I found a lovely one at Factorie for R149, and struggled to choose between it and a smaller version, and chose the longer one because the fabric is soft and I can fold and scrunch it up and have the best of both worlds.  Looks great tied on a handbag too!


Looking East for Inspiration

One of my most beloved movies is “Memoirs of a Geisha” which I watched again yesterday, and enjoying a rainy day at home today, I dug out “The Last Samurai” to end off my little eastern festival.

I recently bought a kimono inspired jacket which was based on a longer version in the Gucci SP16 line.  Off the runway it is worn over casual basics.

Gucci has taken it one step further for SP17 with an even more authentic look, but most of us can wear a kimono over anything already in our closet for a dressy, Boho or sexy look.


The Satin Bomber jacket, a style worth investing in as it is still trending through 2017, is another way to add a touch of the East to your outfit.  There are also plain versions out there to suit any budget.

img_1949  img_1948  img_1951

Shoe Addiction

Today I went shopping at the amazing Mall of Africa with a dear friend and tried very hard not to buy anything for myself.  So how did that work out for me you ask?

Hello Chanel inspired flat sling backs on the left!!  Meet your slightly older block heeled sisters on the right.  Both from Zara.

This look is a trend right now and can be worn with almost everything from jeans to skirts.  Type in “Chanel Slingbacks” on Pinterest to get more inspiration.

You see, not everything you buy has to be an investment.


These were a “Happy Birthday to Me……..from Me” gift 8 and a half years ago, and I still wear them – often!!  (And remember when R7.50 bought you $1)

Good leather shoes are worth investing in as they will last for years longer than faux versions.   Leather also moulds to your foot and does not stretch after a couple of wears.

With the current ZAR/US$ exchange rate these will have to last me another 8+ years but there are many local brands with premium options.  I keep the tissue paper stuffing in the shoes and store them in their original box to extend their life.

The same principle applies to handbags.

Choose classic shapes with subtle trims and you can update them with fun accessories.


This cute tassel and fluffy pompom are from Rubi at Cotton On.