Pom Poms

There is a mini-trend with a South American influence coming through for Summer, and it involves Pom-Poms.

Thankfully not of the cheer-leading variety!

Tiny Pom-Poms have been appearing on jewelry, bags and footwear to add a fun element to an ordinary outfit.

This look is gorgeous worn with embroidered tops and caftans and may be the closest thing to an exotic holiday I will get this year.


D&G kicked it off in SS16 and it is easy to adapt and personalize.



I bought some assorted Pom-Poms at a craft store for R50 and transformed a tired pair of sandals into a fun pair to brighten those mornings when my closet is empty.

Looking at all the pictures from Pinterest above, I think I need to add another row to mine…

…and then I will be digging through my handbags looking for the next DIY victim.
Look what I just found at CottonOn.  Come on Summer!


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